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My WTB List


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Some random things I'm looking for. Thanks for checking it out! Unless specified, just looking for loose carts unless you're providing a great deal on a CIB



Dragon Warrior II (have the game. Looking for box and manuals, etc)

Dragon Warrior 3 (will take loose but would love CIB)

Dragon Warrior 4 (will take loose but would love CIB)

Ninja Gaiden 3


1CHIP console
sunset riders
chrono trigger
operation thunderbolt
bazooka blitzkrieg

King of Dragons

Knights of the Round

Wild Guns

Super Ghouls & Ghosts

Super Metroid

Adventures of Batman and Robin

Ninja Gaiden Trilogy

Sega Genesis

Contra Hard Corps


Dragon Quest slime controller
dark alliance 2 (CIB)


avalon code -  box only. I have the game and manual

Dragon Quest heroes rocket slime (CIB)

Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 (CIB


gauntlet legends

twilight princess     (CIB)

Simpsons Hit & Run (CIB)

gameboy player w/ disc


Gauntlet Legends (CIB)

Shenmue (CIB)

Samba de amigos w/ maracas 

Jet Grind Radio

Crazy taxi 2

confidential mission

Gameboy / GBA

Metal Slug Advance

Nintendo Power

Issues 2 (castlevania II)

GamePro mags from 1989 to 90s

Nintendo Fun Club News 1-4, 6

Strategy guides, especially Nintendo Power Player's Guides (let me know what you have)

            - Dragon Warrior strategy guide that came with issue 9 of NP

            - Game Boy Player's Guide

            - Zelda Link to the Past Player's Guide


EverQuest original/Ruins of Kunark/Velious   (CIB), also figures or anything else related...let me know

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