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My WTB List


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Some random things I'm looking for. Disc based games CIB only. Cartridge games - just looking for loose carts unless you're providing a great deal on a CIB. Feel free to send me something not listed here. I might be interested in it, but forgot to include it here. Thanks for checking it out!



Dragon Warrior II - box, manual, and other inserts only. 

Dragon Warrior 3 (will take loose but would love CIB)

Dragon Warrior 4 (will take loose but would love CIB)

Star Wars

Star Wars: empire strikes back

gi joe


dust covers (authentic - need about 15-20)
chrono trigger
operation thunderbolt
bazooka blitzkrieg

King of Dragons

Knights of the Round

Wild Guns

Super Metroid

Adventures of Batman and Robin

Ninja Gaiden Trilogy

super double dragon


Sega Genesis

Contra Hard Corps


Metal Gear solid (CIB)


Dragon Quest slime controller

Dragon Quest 8 VIII CIB w/ box sleeve and Final Fantasy demo disc


Dynasty Warriors 5


theatrhythm dragon quest (JP)

Dragon Quest heroes rocket slime (CIB)

Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 (CIB)


gauntlet legends

super smash bros

banjo kazooie

banjo tooie


twilight princess     (CIB)

Simpsons Hit & Run (CIB)

gameboy player w/ disc

viewtiful joe 2


Samba de amigos w/ maracas

confidential mission

dreamcast magazine issues 0, 1, 12

sonic adventure

phantasy star online

Gameboy / GBA

Metal Slug Advance


Super Paper Mario

Rhythm Heaven Fever

Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2

Nintendo Power

GamePro mags from 1989 to 90s

Nintendo Fun Club News 1-4, 6

Strategy guides, especially Nintendo Power Player's Guides (let me know what you have)

            - Zelda Link to the Past Player's Guide


EverQuest original   (CIB), also figures or anything else related...let me know

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