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Paprium for Sega, watermelon games


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Curious, did anyone invest in this or preorder this?? I did back in 2017 and it looks like it’s ready to ship?? I wonder if it actually will, and if its going to hopefully bugged free.....  kinda excited but  it gettin my hopes up.





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Homebrew Team · Posted
10 minutes ago, Ferris Bueller said:

Am I crazy, or weren't they doing a Super Nintendo game that I can't find anywhere on the site now.

I believe it was canceled.  IIRC it was mentioned in an email (that I saw shared on twitter)

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No, looks like they sent out an email, it just went to my spam. They informed people, I'll put my pitchfork away.

My guess is they got busted for preorders and not delivering, people complained, they got locked out of PayPal funds.


Dear Ferris,

Investors of ProjectN.

As you may imagine, the project have been halted until we fix our situation with PayPal, still ongoing.

We are confident the game will release in a form or another and if we cannot resume work,
we will proceed to a refund of each of you. Please allow two extra months until we clear things out.

Thank you again for your patience.

Best Regards!


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That email from Fonz is nothing but BS.  Paypal didn't scam them.  They probably got reported when they missed multiple ship dates and Fonzi vanished (more than once).  I'm calling it here and now.  Paprium isn't going to ship.  I wouldn't trust any member of WaterMelon to make me a hamburger at this point.

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Watermelon is a joke, and has been screwing with Sega fans a long time just taking advantage and running scammy excuses for ages.  I'm really sure Paypal scammed them...not.  They needed another excuse and that's an easy one to pin it on.  PP has grown so much into basically a bank and credit card issuer, I don't see them being thieves.

I'm glad I just watched and waited, never backed any of them or their scams with gems and the rest.  I do have Pier Solar, once it hit GoG, on sale no less, and it never lived up to their hype or anything near it as I had assumed.

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