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LED modded NES M82 Kiosk

Nes Freak

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since this console has been modded to death  i figure some RGB leds would hurt before getting this thing ready to sell 😛   the system runs off 5 volts so all i did was cut a usb cable and attach it directly to the power supply.  its removable and not permanent.  maybe i should hdmi mod this wile im at it lol.  the cpu and ppu is socketed so it would be an easy install.


in other news any of you nes test station owners out there  im working with console5 to get a japanese cap kit made for the model one test station's power supply and motherboard.  so if you have a nes test station and the skills  you can recap your system.  or if you dont have the skills i can do it for you if you like once available. i recommend at lease recapping the power supply as the caps are getting old.  so if you dont feel comfortable sending the whole unit i can understand that  just send the PS only in that case.

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