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Good forum for lego/minifigure questions


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Recently got into legos during the pandemic- I bought a used lot and came across a minifigure I can’t find any info on. Does anyone know of a good forum for questions regarding legos and minifigures? Here is a picture of the torso. I know a number of people from NA were also into legos, so I figured I’d ask.

Best I can tell it might be from a LEGO robotics competition... maybe.


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That site has nothing on such a piece.  I was pretty into Lego some recent years ago and had a few sites I'd try and pull from, trying to remember the part one I hit a lot that wasn't brickset.  I've tried to search variable of BC2014 and I'm wondering maybe if it is a true lego piece and not a knockoff.  Does it have the actual lego emblem on the plastic somewhere?


Best shot is bricklink for all the spare parts you'll ever need.  I'm trying to figure it out on there even.

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I can tell you I used to order from minifigures.me and another website years ago that had every official LEGO piece you can buy, plus they would create custom torsos if you uploaded a design. The website is down now but maybe someone had this made custom.

Fun fact, making a custom set of minifigures of your family is an amazing Christmas gift.

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