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FS: Guilty Gear Isuka PS2 Beta Disc


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I've come into possession of this Guilty Gear Isuka Playstation 2 Beta Disc from a friend who used to work at various game stores over the years. Not sure if these were kiosk discs, but I have never seen one in person. I see one for sale on ebay for $99 shipped at the moment so let's start at $70 shipped. Feel free to make offers. I'm down for trading as well. Nothing particular that I need so feel free to toss whatever you've got in the ring. 





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Administrator · Posted

Nice 🙂  I have one of these also.  So, the Trade Demos are not kiosk discs but are press review / trade review copies that are usually full copies of the game.  In this case, it is the full game, however, it does pre-date the standard game build by a couple weeks and has some minor differences.

Unlike some other singular preproduction/beta discs, these trade demos were pressed in relatively small batches so there are an unknown small amount of each of them, but still very interesting.  

Just thought I'd share the info - good luck with the sale!


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