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Castlevania Order of Shadows map


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Castlevania Order of Shadows is an obscure Castlevania game made for mobile phones back in the pre-smart phone days. You would play it on cell phones with numerical keypads.

I had some free time today so I thought I would piece together the map from a YouTube video. As far as I know, I’m the first person to do one of these for this game. 

Since most people won’t be experiencing this game, I figured I would somewhat share the experience through this map:


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Events Team · Posted
1 minute ago, ZeldaFreak said:

Yup, appears to be working now.

Actually, I take that back as it doesn't appear to be letting me download it, but it isn't a big deal to me since I was just mildly curious anyway. Dunno if it's just on my end or if it actually isn't working.


Apparently it WAS working, it's just that the little pop-up icon that appears on Firefox when you try to download something was showing up on my second monitor, which wasn't showing my desktop, so I couldn't see it. My bad, haha, it's working OK.

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I doubt they will, just like they ignorantly left out the Castlevania remaster of the first GB game on Wii when they did the Castlevania Collection on Steam and other formats.  If they'll go as far as making a bundle with Kid Dracula finally translated into english on the NES format I would imagine they're pretty much tapped out there on as far as they'll put any effort into things. I'd like to be off about that, but their releases make it clear some stuff is just vapor.

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