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Who Jacked Whom?


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The backstory: I know a slimey reseller here, which is colloquially known as the "partner 64 guy" , and we meet up generally once a month. He's walking evil, even @OptOut's son recognised this guy to be bad news on our first meeting. I could list all the shit this guy has done over the two years I've known him, but I won't bother, so let's start the game "Who Jacked Whom".


I'll post a picture of something I bought from the guy. Players need to state what they think Adair value for the set is, as well as a guess of what I paid. Subtract the two numbers, and that will give you a "jackage" number, if it's positive I jacked him, if it's negative, then he jacked me.

The person with the closest jackage number to what the reality is wins a prize. 


(Picture of SMB cart loose on Famicom)

Estimated value (guess) - $10

Price paid (guess) - $7

Therefore Jackage Value is $3


1. I'll likely keep each round open for a week, or I may close it earlier once people stop posting entries.

2. To give more people a chance if winning, a single person cannot win two consecutive rounds.


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Round 1 (December 8, 2020)

Grabbed this set of three NGPC games last night.

It was a spur of the moment thing, all I know is that I had been drinking and then saw lots of money flying out of my wallet.

One if the games is sealed, and one is sunfaded on the front.

So...who Jacked Whom?

fcgamer vs partner 64 guy, fight!





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5 minutes ago, fcgamer said:

Maybe I'll post that later, but I want to see some guesses, get your guesses in, win free gaming stuff guys!

Okay, I'm guessing -$10 based on it being an alcohol fueled purchase. I've never known of anyone to come out ahead in that situation.

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Events Team · Posted

Oh, interesting.

Since everyone else is being a bit more conservative with their guesses, I'll take a risk and say...

$150 (Value) - $200 (Paid) = -$50. No clue on what these are actually worth, just a complete shot in the dark on my part (and basing my guess on the fact that you said you saw lots of money flying out of your wallet.)

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I'm sure after I write this people are going to try and play some Price is Right bet a dollar higher crap.

That's Koi Koi Mahjong, Gals Fighters(JP), and then Cotton in the hard case.  Respectively I'd guess the first probably should go for $100 and I'm probably low. The second being sealed but Japanese with a US version being around may tamp it down some but $300 on that.  Now Cotton, that one is ridiculous, despite the horrid sunfade to one side of the box I'd still put that around 600 due to the damage.   So I'm all in at value: $1000USD.  What you paid, I hope for you it was a deal so I'll say $800 knowing he probably has a clue but Cotton is roached.  So you came out around $200 ahead.

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Member · Posted

I have no clue so I'll say you were out -200. They are all fakes but he passed along these items as a deal to a friend, at cost for $210 but that was a lie and the repros are only worth about $10 total.

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