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My console wall! All hooked up to 2 TVs.


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Always wanted a place of my own so I could finally put up a console wall. I wanted all open shelving to keep stuff from getting too warm. Also shelves custom cut so there wasn’t too much wasted space. I made two extra shelves so I could add consoles in the future. Everything is run to switch boxes and hooked up on two surge protectors. So I can turn them off when I’m not using them to prevent any power draw unless I feel like gaming. 

Then I got the Nintendo section of shelving as they were closing my local Toys R Us. So I can keep all my games and controllers in there next to the recliner. Now it only takes a minute at most to start playing any console on the wall. No more digging through boxes and trying to find the right cords.

My next plan is to put controller cord extensions on each console running down to a custom panel on the front of the bottom tv shelf. To avoid controller cords running in front of the tv on the higher consoles. Also need to find a better way to display my controllers. Or 3D print some stands for them. So it’s not finished yet, but I was just excited to show off the progress.








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Looks great man! I used these to get the wires together nicely. Little command stripss with clear hooks that hold wires tightly to the wall. They have other colors too besides clear.


And these velcro strips to bundle like wires together. I actually use these a ton all over the house to hide wires along legs of furniture and all kinds of stuff. 





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