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Tengen Tetris prototype or older bootleg?


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  • The title was changed to Tengen Tetris prototype or older homebrew?
  • The title was changed to Tengen Tetris prototype or older bootleg?

@MegaMan52 I think it could have been.

The label on this is a little weird for me (I doubt folks back in the day would have referred to it as Tengen Tetris), but the Nintendo PCB is also quite odd. Konami was known for selling out their famicom PCBs to bootleg companies, but Nintendo and 72 pins? That's news to me.

@mrjunglesack no matter what this is, I'd definitely be interested in it should you choose to get rid of it. I like odd stuff like this 😂

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9 hours ago, Sumez said:

Would a prototype ever have non-socketed eproms?

Yes, absolutely.  Fairly common.

The "Tengen Tetris" label makes little sense, but the "Tetris" label underneath could be legit.

Tetris has such a weird history on the NES, I stopped trying to figure out what the deal was.  That being said, I've owned a Licensed Tengen Tetris prototype, I've owned Tengen protos on Nintendo PCBs, I've owned Tengen protos on Tengen PCBs, and I've owned one Tengen proto on an Atari PCB (hardest to find by far IMO, only seen one other and it's on eBay now).

Is there any dates on any of the chips or the PCB that are far after the production of Tengen Tetris?  That would be the easiest way to rule out prototype.  I could be convinced either way personally.

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Or if it's not older and they were looking to dump Nintendo and would not bother to license anything knowing it was heading towards a black cart. They would have had leftover boards from when Pac-Man, Indiana Jones, RBI Baseball and Gauntlet were being done on the level with licensing and all that.  It could be that simple and what makes it seem a little more suspect is the top sticker, but that clearly to me looks like a later addition.  At face value it would alone on the outside look like any old Tetris game someone just printed an image on and taped on there as I think I see tape lines, but as to not be confusing you have the hand written bit to point out which it really is.

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