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Where the F*%k has K3VBOT been?!?!


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Some people seem surprised I am still here and around. Be not worried my friends, K3VBOT is always around.

A lot has happened since my debut in the community somewhere in 2012. Some of you may remember me as that asshole that always posted killer finds in the "Finders Keepers" thread on NA. Others remember me as that idiot that got drunk one night and stacked hundreds of copies of Jurassic Park in a refrigerator and posted it on eBay. My collections at this point have vastly dwindled. I hardly have anything left of the n64 consoles, or the complete (at the time) RetroUSB set. I still have quite a few homebrews, but mostly personal stuff I probably won't ever sell. 

Regardless of how I know you, Here I am.
I'm currently still working on the Candelabra: Estoscerro Kickstarter. Trying to get that game out and into the hands of those who helped make it happen. There have been some hurdles, but I am really hoping we are on the tail end of things now.
I graduated college a few years back. Afterwards, I moved to Lima, OH and worked in an ICU. Then I moved back to Fort Wayne and started working hospice. Bought a house, and flooded it the first winter😂. My buddy and I ran a thrift shop on the side throughout my schooling, and for quite awhile afterwards, but we ended up closing that down and selling out. My job changed a little, and am now doing nights-on-call for hospice. It's awesome, because it's 7-days on, and 7-days off. During my off weeks, I have plenty to do though. A couple partners and I started a Holdings and Finance company, which is just now getting off the ground. I collect, and beat on some old muscle cars I pulled out of barns. I actually started a YouTube Channel called K3VBOT's Garage earlier this year, which really hasn't gone anywhere, but there are some fun videos on it. And finally, I got engaged! I met my gal in Nursing school, and she is working on her masters degree right now. She should hopefully be done with that in May. I was doing a lot of buying and selling of games, more on the local level over the last few years, but have started flipping cars instead. 

Wow, that's a lot! Glad to see some of you fellas. I've already seen some names pop up on here that I hadn't even seen on NA in awhile! 

I look forward to see what some of you guys have been up to!


Dart and GTX.jpg

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Homebrew Team · Posted

Welcome aboard Kev.  I play and collect many a homebrew.  I back Estoscerro and recently added Halloween Scare Carts 2016 and 2017 to the Collection.

I am planning on going to Midwest Gaming Classic, hopefully I see you there.

Glad you came over to VGS.

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