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Luigi's Mansion 3

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Subscriber T1 · Posted

I will be in the UK next week so hoping to pick up the steelbook edition from Game. Also have Link's Awakening arriving in the next few days, so probably won't play Luigi's Mansion until I'm done with Link. It does look like a lot of fun though.

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6 hours ago, broncofantd793 said:

I'm pumped.  It's too bad Gamestop doesn't have any super trade in deals right now.  I may end up getting it from Walmart, which for some reason, sells new games at 10-15% below the MSRP?

I noticed that mid year.  The Walmart here sells new games for $50 while GameStop has them at $60.  From what I've read it isn't every Walmart just some of them.

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31 minutes ago, epiclotus said:

I just played through the first Luigi's Mansion on GC this year, and I rather enjoyed myself. I have played but not beaten Dark Moon. I could see myself buying LM3 sooner than later, but definitely not a day 1 purchase for me.  I am thinking a year 1 purchase. 

I've been on the look out for a copy of the original Luigi's Mansion on GC but haven't had any luck finding one at a good price in descent condition.

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Administrator · Posted

I am really looking forward to this one!  I really hope it is good.  I loved Luigi’s Mansion - it was such a fun, quirky, unique game with a different sort of gameplay.  It had a great style and I thought was super fun to play.  

I really hope this one lives up to the original or at least keeps the same vibe.  Very much looking forward to it!

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