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Games I didn't buy appear in PS3 download list (solved)


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Edit: Nevermind apparently PS+ games show up there automatically now? I don't remember that ever being a thing. In the past they'd only appear in transaction history if you downloaded them. Though my account was most likely broken into several years ago or more, this at least explains the more recent ones.


Several months ago I noticed PS3 games popping up in my transaction history and download list on PSN - games I never bought. They're full games, not demos. I assumed someone has my account info and immediately changed my password and removed my credit card info so nothing was stores on the account.

7-8 months later, it happened again. I checked my bank account and there's no sign of someone using my credit card on the date it was purchased so someone must still have my account info and is buying games with their card under my account.

It's a used console, for reference. I got it about 4 years ago, my 2nd PS3. I read something online about whoever owning the console in the past might be still tied to this one and is activating games on it. That doesn't sound right, but it could be some kind of glitch?

Anyway, today I dug deeper into my transaction history and found a few more games I know for a fact I never purchased, dating 3-4 years ago, and one all the way back to 2010 when I had the original fat model PS3. My information is still removed on my account and I changed my PSN password yet again of course but I just can't figure out how this is happening. Someone is breaking into my account...to buy me games? It doesn't make sense.

So I guess my question is,has this ever happened to anyone else and have you ever gotten any answers about it? Is there some kind of hidden security feature in unaware of that could further prevent this? I guess I should be happy I got several full free games now to download but it concerns me someone is logging into my account and buying stuff on it even if it's not with my money. And also, this only happening in PS3. I've noticed nothing suspicious on PS4.


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