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What are some Switch hidden gems you recommend me getting?

Alex Nguyen

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The kind of hidden gems I'm looking for are the Japanese kind of variety, I'm not as interested in the Western kind and I want to get physical versions because I would like to have a physical copy just in case I want to lend it to someone or sell it in comparison to owning the digital copy. I'm more into platformers or arcade style games like beat em' ups, shmups, or fighters. It can be games that are released on other platforms, but exclusives are what I'm a little more interested in. What do you guys think? It doesn't have to be limited to those 2 genres, it can be any genre. Thank you.

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I have a list of Asian exclusives for the Switch that I keep up to date quite frequently (let me know if something is missing). It’s lists the name, genre and anything noteworthy.

Edit: I should note that this is just a list of games that are English friendly or have an English option.



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On 11/27/2020 at 6:20 PM, MiamiSlice said:

Do you mean Japanese region? The ones I went for importing: Fight Crab, Mantis Burn Racing, Super Cane Magic Zero, Block Quest Maker, Ace Angler, Esp Ra De Psi, Kero Blaster, Capcom Belt Action Collection, and Moon. 

Well I mean ones that are released in Japan and worldwide.

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13 minutes ago, MiamiSlice said:

I also forgot Namcot Collection and Ninja Jajamaru Collection. 

If I had to make a list of hidden gems worldwide it would be pretty long! 

I mean Japanese games that were released worldwide (including the North America). Plus, you can just give me your favorites.

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I'm not sure what qualifies as "hidden", but these are the super solid physical releases I own that I feel aren't super mainstream at least

Mr. Driller Drill Land


The Ninja Warriors Once Again (aka Ninja Saviors: Return of the Warriors)



Romancing SaGa 3

Freedom Planet

Gigantic Army

Rune Factory 4

Deadly Premonition 2

All of these are must-haves in my opinion.
EDIT: Added screenshots 🙂 

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