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Sega Game Gear Collecting: HTH Games


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Tonight I'm going to make a brief introduction post about HTH and their games, later I hope to add an extensive list of their games, though I need to first do more researching myself 🙂

Located in Taiwan, HTH was a software company that seemed to focus on making Game Gear games. Although I have found a few garden variety bootlegs from them, the company seems to have focused early on with producing Game Gear versions of Sega Master System games. For this reason alone, I find this to be a fun set to collect.

Based on some advertisements I've seen, HTH seems to have produced around sixty different games, though there could certainly be more released after the advert was printed. I personally own about 60% of those listed, but it gets a bit more complicated than that.

For whatever the reason (different packages for different markets, trying to rebrand to appeal to / trick people into more sales, who knows), the company has released games in numerous different style packages. Some games were released across many different package designs, do it's really hard to know just what exactly is or isn't out there, aside from doing research.

So here are some of the package styles I've seen thus far.


"Screenshot" Series 

Like pictures "A", these game boxes have one screenshot on the game on the back.


"Artwork F/B the Same" Series

For these, the front and back of the box is essentially the same, like picture "B".


Generic "Space" Box

These have no manuals included, and are just carts in generic boxes.


"Brown / Nature" Series

These are crazy boxes, have a brown strip on the side, and generally wild artwork for the covers 🙂 look at picture D. Thus game is R-Type.


Large / Square Box Series

I think the name says it all.


There may be more series existing, I'm not sure, but all the games Ive found this far fit into one of these five classifications.










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List of games thought to exist. In this post I'm just listing titles, not package styles.


Astro Adventure

Northern Ken


Opa Opa


Alex Kido

The Ninja


Great Basketball


Black Belt

Kung Fu Kid

Global Defence


Enduro Racer

Parlour Games


Aztel Adventure




Pac Mania

Prince of Persia


Shadow Dancer

Golden Axe

Bubble Dragon

Double Dragon

Thunder Blade

Ghouls n Ghosts

Lord of Sword


Moon Walker

Scramble Spirits

Psycho Fox

Aerial Assault



Captain Silver

Altered Beast

Cloud Master

Submarine Attack

Forgotten Worlds

Marble Madness

Danan: The Jungle Fighter

Cyber Shinobi


Shadow of the Beast

Action Boy

7 in 1

2 in 1

4 in 1

Most of these titles are literal or poor translations of the Chinese, not done by me but rather the adverts. Those familiar with SMS games though can easily work out what most of these games would be though.







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  • 3 months later...

Thanks very much for posting this. I've also been researching HTH releases among other things.

I've managed to dump 24 of them so far and posted them recently:

Attached pictures of some of the small boxed one.

And I started to make a list of them:

I would love if you could help me build this list.
If you have any pictures of the games listed above I would be interested.

Could you also share the adverts you found?

I'm also generally studying and researching all Sega 8-bit games (GG wise I have pretty much complete EUR/USA/JPN collections, and now researching non-Japanese Asian titles including trying to build a list of all the xx-in-1 variants and get them dumped and emulated).





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