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Taiwan / Asian Snack Boxes


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So I was at the supermarket tonight and I saw the following offering of chips, amongst others, such as garlic shrimp flavoured chips, scallion chicken flavoured, and even satay and spicy hot pot chips.

Ultimately my curiosity got the best of me so I bought a can of London Fish n Chips Pringles and a bag of curry-flavoured chips.

This ultimately brought my mind back to the chicken feet chips that unfortunately disappeared before I could grab any.

A lot of (normal brands) weird flavoured foods end up here, such as Pringles, Doritos, Lays, and then there are other local brand stuff as well.

So here's my idea, if anyone is interested. 

I thought I could put together a monthly box of Taiwanense / Asian snacks that I've found locally, and send it off to those who are interested for the actual cost of the items, actual shipping, and a nominal fee for my efforts. Then we could try the items and share our thoughts on the different flavours, etc.

I also thought that at the beginning of every month, I could take some pictures of some items Ive seen, and we could vote on what we want to receive that month.

I know a lot of folks here also cook, so I could throw spices or other things into the mix as well if interested.

Those who are interested, let's discuss it in further detail, to see if it would be feasible or not. If it seems workable, I'll ship the three guys that inquired about the feet chips a box each, for free, to kick things off.

Lets discuss this!



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I'm personally not huge on the snacks, other than a few of the baked perishables (pineapple cakes, occasionally a moon cake or Sun cake). And I think everyone whose lived here for awhile, such as me or @OptOut, the novelty of weird flavoured stuff wears off.

But I think that some of this stuff could be interesting to those abroad, as I know I was extremely interested ten years ago to try this sort of wacky stuff too, when I first arrived in Taiwan.



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There's regional variety just in the US as far as snack foods; I can only find Lay's Stacks Limon near typically Hispanic-infused populations.

They've branched out with the Chile Limon stuff, but I just liked the lime flavor by itself.

Those Fish and Chips Pringles look interesting.  I'm surprised they don't offer some type of import variety pack here.

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Well, I know this is about snacks in Taiwan, but when I was in England on business, they had some Walker's Crisps (cough, Lay's Chips) with our sandwiches.  I always tried the meet flavored ones.

Chicken isn't bad.  Beef is amazing.  My gosh, why don't we have "Beef Flavored Potato Chips" in the US?!  We don't, but we should.

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