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VGS Weekly Contest - 2020 TOURNAMENT THREAD!

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So after an entire season of contest threads littered with @Bearcat-Dougshit talk amd he鈥檚 not even playing the tournament. 馃槀馃槀馃槀

Who the fuck let me into this thing anyway?

馃聽馃 I suppose blinder squirrels have found a nut...聽馃槃聽

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1 hour ago, arnpoly said:

Hey everyone, remember me?聽 馃槃

Somehow I had a tournament spot too but I declined.聽 Consider yourselves lucky, I guess.聽 馃槢

Hope everyone has a good time.聽 Good luck!

Who is this?

Just kiddin', Kyle. 馃檪聽I hope all is well, dude!

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Events TeamPosted
3 hours ago, Sumez said:

I had to re-read the first post (of both threads)聽a few times just to make sure. Nowhere in those聽posts does it state that these gentlemen will be playing the weird-ass NES port of Alien Syndrome, but it seems to be implied? 馃槢

It is because they know that if they even joke about playing the SMS port or any other, I will haunt their dreams forever.

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