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WTB/TF -- Need some Gameboy Game OEM shells, Worlds of Power 7


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The other day i got a small gameboy lot locally and the former owner was a doofus and put their social security number onto each back, and the ink bled so far into the plastic it's non-removable without nothing short of acid and sand paper.

If anyone has any broken game boy games I could use the shells for I could use them.  Thanks.


Also on a normal side of things I could use a nearer to mint copy of Worlds of Power 7 (Infiltrator) to finish the set of 8.

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22 hours ago, RH said:

Or, just re-sharpie over the last four digits on each cart, unless you just like clean carts. I get that. I like clean carts.

Can't, it has fanned out into the plastic and deep, totally leeched into it beyond any ink over job.  The only way to remove it now is with some sandpaper.

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23 hours ago, Tulpa said:

What about Magic Eraser? Might make the plastic smooth, but it might at least get it off.

I tried that, didn't make an impact on the carts.  With the battery door it did, but in a weird way.  It got the ink out but if you move it near the light at the right angles you can see this ghostly halo of the name and number still on the door so I binned it for a spare I had.

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