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Your Most Wretched/Foul/Uncared For/Derelict/Moth-Eaten/Fly-Blown/Ravaged And Skanky Looking All Around Poor Condition Game, Console, Accessory Etc.


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I imagine there are some of you who only purchase a game if it is in pristine condition.  While I tend to go for this significantly more than I do not, I'm typically thinking about the perfect deal rather than perfect condition.  I do collect CIB's as well as games in formats other than cartridge, but the vast majority of my collection is cartridge only and so my considerations tend to be limited to the condition of a game's contacts and label.  I own just a couple of games that have no label at all on account of the deal being right and my not giving much of a dump about the artwork.  By contrast if it's something I like a great deal, I do not want a single nick in the front label, unless the label has no artwork and just getting a copy of the game is already plenty difficult/expensive.  

For an initial sample, here is my copy of "Contra", that I picked up a few years ago for 5 bucks, when everybody wanted to play Contra again and it was going for $40 - $50 on the reg.  I Love the artwork on "Super C", but have always thought it really bad on original Contra.  I like to imagine that some frustrated kid tore this out of his NES, then took it out back behind the shed, pulled out a .22 and shot it.  When I got it part of the plastic around the hole was bent outward so that it rubbed against the slide tray during insertion.  I had to file it down, lol.


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I thought someone on NA had a copy of GoldenEye where most of the label was torn off and someone drew back in Pierce Brosnan's face.  Classic.  I'd like to see that one again.

I don't collect junk, but I'd love to own a cart where some kid drew back in the image that had peeled off.

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Sorry for not posting something of my own, I have some stuff in condition which I'm not satisfied with, but nothing extreme.

However, I did come across this listing which fits here.

Looks like someone tried to deep dry them.


Condition in the listing is "acceptable" and it had 29 bids.


I'd certainly buy this if I ever throw a post-apocalyptic themed party or something.

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Graphics Team · Posted

For some reason I tend to gravitate toward the most chewed-up carts I find (and my wallet thanks me for it).
Here's two of my Atari games. A bunch of my NES carts have been through the wringer, too, but I'll have to get photos of those some other time...



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Forgot this one...Ikari Warriors on NES. This was the only copy the used video game store had, and really it’s not too bad. Just a bit melted on the top. Under the price sticker was “ABBA”, the code to bring you back after your character dies. Whoever had it before me must have needed it often. I know I do.

BTW I cleaned off the marker as best I could after taking the picture.


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8 hours ago, sg17 said:

Late posting, but I stumbled upon this awesome twitter account. The horror might be triggering for some of you.


Some exhibits:

  Reveal hidden contents






Ok, I just have to ask, how do labels get ripped off?! How or why does that happen? I get water damage or maybe a young kid getting a sharpie and wanting to make it an "art piece". Kids do dumb things like that. But why do people rip off the labels and then write the name on it?

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