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Need a picture or help to finish off WoN cabinet, late night pick up

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I don’t need another project, still painfully working on a M18 cabinet, but grabbed another nice condition cabinet locally last night, just missing the sign at the top but it came with 2 locks and the key. The previous owner said his son brought it home a year ago but it never moved from the garage. I’m not sure I’ll ever find the original sign so I’ll have to look into a reproduction.

Does anyone have a picture of the top of this cabinet? What kind of lighting did it have, was there ever a top part and what went in the big space at the top inside, I’ve seen white sheets in others to diffuse the fluorescent light.

It also came with this steel plate at the bottom of the base, I’m assuming it prevents someone from popping off the glass doors. Is it worth trying to take off, did that come on anyone else’s? Any help is appreciated.



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13 minutes ago, Code Monkey said:

Mine is more complete but it's at my parents' home far away. Mine has a topper with a receiver for a florescent light tube, it also has the oval hole for the marquee but it also has the glass shelves inside.

If you ever get a chance please send a pic of what the top looks like. I assumed there was a top on the outside but I don’t see any screw holes and I’m not sure how the fluorescent light would sit.

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Replaced the acrylic at the top. I was pretty nervous about chipping it when cutting, I think it came out really well and looks pretty nice. Just need some lighting and a marquee at the front. The cabinet fit nicely beside the GameCube kiosk, there was exactly 4 feet next to it, although I had to remove a shelf and rearrange some stuff.


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