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What is your pikmin 3 deluxe demo high score?


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I've been playing the pikmin 3 deluxe demo a lot. It's a very solid demo. There is 1 timed mission called Tropical Forest that you can keep replaying. Your high score will eventually get uploaded online once you get the full game (which comes out October 30th), but for now there's no way to see how you stack up against everyone. 

So pikmin players, what are your high scores for the Tropical Forest mission?

Mine is 5,620




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20 hours ago, Jeevan said:

When I access my online account this week I will play,this sometime.  pikmin 1 and 2 were soooooooo good.  I need to play those again!  I have never played 3 so I look forward to the full release!

Yes you do! I played pikmin 2 again a couple years ago. Just as good as when I first played it. I also have not played pikmin 3 but boy am I excited to play it on the switch. I hope we get a 4th one on the switch too.

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