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Werewolf 4 Sign-Ups CLOSED [Please PM If you wish to be a replacement!)

SpoonMan Abrams X

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Hello Everyone!

I am the SpoonMan, Abrams X and I will be your host for this round of FORUM WEREWOLF! I'm here to make sure the game runs smoothly and that everyone has a good time. What is Werewolf you may ask? Let me tell you!

Werewolf (also known as Mafia to some) is a game that pits the uniformed majority (know as Town or Villagers) against the informed minority (the Mafia/Werewolves). The object of the Game is for the Town to either weed out & eliminate the Werewolves from their midsts, or for the Werewolves to gain the majority by eliminating town folk through various means at their disposal. This is generally done via discussion between the players, as well as some other factors at play, but for both sides.

For further shilling, if I may quote my good friend Fox here;


The game is a challenging and rewarding battle of deduction and confidence as you team both with and against your fellow forum members.  It will be played in the separate Club section, right here on the site.  If you are interested, please sign up in this thread.

This is a thought provoking and fantastic game.  The game should be fun, immersive, and fascinating.  Everyone should contribute to the sense of an exciting murder mystery.  I want every cycle to end with a sense of energy and anticipation, with everyone looking forward to what happens next.  I love playing Werewolf, my goal is to make it a wonderful experience.

It is a great game and I've played many games over several forums for years now. I've always enjoyed how unique the game is especially when played on Forums. It is my hope that I am able to deliver a great experience for you all to play!

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Oh yes, to give you a gist as to the "story" of this round is;


To Sign Up

Please reply to this thread indicating you desire to join (/in or something akin)

In addition, I ask that you pick yourself a random Cryptid/Folklore/Mythical/Paranormal creature to represent yourself in the game (this is purely for flavor, nothing more)

If you cannot decide on one or don't care, I will pick one for you!

Backups are also welcome and encouraged, especially those that can't or don't wish to commit immediately!

Looking forward to seeing this come together!



  1. OptOut
  2. Jeevan
  3. Zelda Freak
  4. Makar
  5. MashFan81
  6. KokiriChild
  7. Reed Rothchild
  8. ZeldaFan042
  9. 0xDEAFC0DE
  10. ChickenTanadas
  11. FireHazard51
  12. RH
  13. Gloves
  14. Scrobins
  15. Rhino
  16. Bettington Bear
  17. DK
  18. Aristophanes


  1. Fox
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Just now, ZeldaFreak said:

Hoo boy, here we go...

I'm in.

I was going to go with Yeti, but y'know what, that's too generic, let's go with something more interesting. I'll pick Wendigo as my mythical creature of choice.

Damn, Wendigo, awesome pick dude!

Let's get @behemos back in here too, and @Hybrid and @ninjistar and I'd like to see @LastCat and @Megamanfan join in as well! 🥳🥳🥳

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3 minutes ago, Jeevan said:

@SpoonMan Abrams X I would love to get into a d&d group here, but Im not a DM, and I have been playing in a group, in less than 12 hours i will be nerding it up as a halfling barbarian 🙂  

I do DM sometimes, so maybe I shall :3

Also I just played yesterday (Friday) in a long running game as my Aarakocra Wizard

have some art I had commisioned of him




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