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Anyone ever seen or noticed this? USA DS game with CAN IDed Manual


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I bought my copy of Sonic Classic Collection brand new, years ago. I can't recall where I bought it but it was retail and likely Target or Game Stop with a small chance of it coming from Walmart.

My daughter was playing it and when I went to put it back in the case, I happened to notice that the manual had a serial code of TWL-VSOE-CAN, rather than ending in USA. Odd. I assumed it was a US go and, but I guessed not.

I then looked at the cartridge. TWL-VSOE-USA. Well, I then assumed Canada had the US cartridge. I then checked the cover. It's TWL-VSOE-USA as well?!

Sooooo, it looks like the US received all US component parts but the manual. Has anyone else seen this?





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46 minutes ago, Hybrid said:

Many canadian de games have USA cart ID's

Well, my main question is, did I somehow get a Canadian copy when there was a US variant, or was this how they packed all US versions.

Like I mentioned, I did get this new from a US retailer. Even if it was Game Stop, I was ever a collector and would never take their reseal trash. I wanted new and sealed and this definitely was.


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1 minute ago, Deadeye said:

I recently purchased a new copy of a switch game off Walmart and got a South East Asia copy.  It has a SE code.

That's a bit different because Walmart allowed for third parties to sell through them, kind of like Amazon but with walmart you may not know that you aren't buying from Walmart. Now, if you bought from Walmart in store, I'd raise an eyebrow to that one.

Oh, and to be clear, I know I bought this in store, not online.

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