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What are your most wanted game sequels?


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It can be for a game that never got a sequel, or the sequel wasn't localized, or it could be for a game where there has been an announcement that there will be a sequel, but not many details besides that. Really anything sequel related lol.

My most wanted sequel that they haven't announced is advance wars. Last one we got was days of ruin and that was 11 years ago. It's been awhile. 

My other high want is a pocket card jockey sequel. Loved that 3DS eShop exclusive. 

Dragon quest monsters joker needs another entry, as does rocket slime, shovel knight, drone tactics, Pikmin, star fox, boktai, mega man battle network, cave story, ivy the kiwi, and witch and hero. 

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21 minutes ago, nrslam said:

Advance Wars, if they don't ruin it like thay have with Fire Emblem, and Pikmin4, which has been rumored for years. Either would get me to stop waffling and buy a Switch.

Im surprised Advance Wars never did get more games, it was well received, and as has been shown with Fire Emblem, theres a demand for tactics games.

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Events Team · Posted

I really wish they would have made a sequel of StarTropics for the SNES, but the hope of having anything related to that franchise is dead for so long there's really nothing to expect.

I wish they'd do some Kid Icarus sequels in the same spirit as the original and the GB one, not that Uprising thing. SNES era or GBA era would have been a nice time to do so, but nobody at Nintendo's headquarter seem to be listening to me whining about it.

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6 hours ago, nrslam said:

I preferred the earlier games where it was more tactics and less story. I find the later games rather boring with too many long winded speeches and too much telenovella type back story.




I actually agree with you there. I can't tell you how much dialogue I skip through. There's too much of it, and the story often isn't good. But at least you have the option to skip through it. And the tactics part is still great.

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+1 for Advance Wars. I love that series and would have liked to see a sequel. Intelligent Systems wouldn't even need to produce a sequel regularly, like they do with Fire Emblem nowadays, but maybe 1 game for every console/handheld generation would have been nice.

Also Mega Man Legends 3 would have been nice. I think it was even planned, but ultimately cancelled.

And not sure if that counts, but I wished Breath of Fire and Lufia would have gotten good sequels or if Quintett had been around for longer. I always loved their games and still do. They brought something very unique to games that hasn't really been captured since, afaik.

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2 minutes ago, zeppelin03 said:

Pilotwings.  This would be great to bring back and would be a perfect budget title.  I like to imagine a Little Hyrule(BOTW) in the spirit of Little America in Pilotwings 64.  If Nintendo were willing to bring back some lesser appreciated titles at $40 I think they would do well.

I doubt that happens since the 3DS version fell flat on its face from what prices tell me.

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2 minutes ago, captmorgandrinker said:

I doubt that happens since the 3DS version fell flat on its face from what prices tell me.

Yeah.  The $5 price point doesn't scream success.  I'm not sure if moving away from Miis to established characters would help.  Miis always seemed budget to me.

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7 minutes ago, Ice Man said:

Portal 3. Definetely wanting a new portal game.

The storyline is just hilarious and kept me entertained on both parts so far.

I got into the Portal games yeeeaaarrrss after everyone else did and LOVED them (shocker). I always assumed that they never made another one because fans could make their own puzzles, thus exhausting any future potential for puzzles in the same vein. "We're running out of ideas sir!" "Well whip up a level editor. That'll keep em busy for years! Give us time to come up with a new IP".

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Editorials Team · Posted

Myth 4

Skies of Arcadia 2

Ikaruga 2

Devil Survivor 3

Wind Waker 2

Ocarina of Time 2

Killer 7 2

Blast Corps 2

Star Fox 64 2

3D Dot Heroes 2

Skygunner 2

Warcraft IV

Grim Fandango 2

Flinthook 2

Darkest Dungeon 2

Radiant Historia 2

Vagrant Story 2

Front Mission 6

Tactics Ogres 2

Ogre Battle 3

Final Fantasy Tactics 2

Sunset Riders 2


Some of those have sequels, but they took several steps back.  I want direct sequels.

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