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NES Power Grips! Increases play, provides relief and feels good


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Any other fans of the Power Grips out there? I've played with these things for years. It was one of my first purchases after getting back into NES gaming.




They provide a really nice feel for the new controller where for me feels too small at times. The backs back nice little notches that allow you to rest your pinky or some other restless finger.



However, the original packaging didn't do much to draw customers in.





And apparently these make "any player look totally in control". And now I wana know what out of control players look like 


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I've had 2 pairs of these since I was a kid and they haven't left my controllers since. They do make the controllers feel so much nicer. I almost want to say that mine came bundled with the gray hard plastic cartridge holders with the black tops, I could be wrong about that and just got both at the same time.

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15 hours ago, DoctorEncore said:

I have grips very similar to this for my Switch and 3DS. The more things change...

I never used power grips, though I’ve known for years people with bigger hands love them.  I was always was perfectly fine with the original dogbones.

That being said, I added grips to my Switch and I’ll never go back.  I only use it in handheld mode (I’ve never docked it) and after like a week I thought I need to do something about how I hold the system.  No brainer buy, definitely makes gaming more enjoyable.

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Cool! I didn't know something like this existed for the NES. I have something similar for the SNES though. It's called the Super Score. I have one gray and one black, though I'm not really sure where they came from or what the original packaging looked like. I know they're from the era though because my uncle had one in the mid 90s.

Edit: here's a link, not sure how long it'll be alive though 🤔 


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Member · Posted

First I heard of these.  I’ve never had an issue with the standard NES controller, and I don’t even have a clue how they dig into someone’s hand.

However, whoever invented the single

Joycon and thought that using a single one for any form of multiplay, without an attachment/grip is a sadist. I even have the Mario Kart wheels and it’s still awkward due to the placement of the button or thumbstick, depending on the Joycon you have in-hand. Seriously, what was Nintendo thinking?

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I'd always been the kind of gamer, probably a rarity that didn't grip NES controllers but held them with my fingers. But ever since the introduction of shoulder buttons one has no choice but to grip in order to be able to press said buttons and still maintain good control. Wasn't so bad with the SNES controller, nor even Playstation, I didn't have to hold those so tightly, but fast forward to today, I found that with the 360 controller because analog sticks are the main way of moving a character around and they are higher up than a d-pad I have to grip the controller even more, with that and the dual shoulder buttons introduced since the PS1 though now with the lower ones curved, one can't afford to lose control, but sometimes I get cramps in my palms from those grips digging in to them.

On an unrelated but sorta, I remember that one time long long ago I was working at Toys'r'us and one of my coworkers that I got along with, we had battled against each other like every night on the Playstation kiosk with the Battle Arena Toushinden demo until I got the console for myself that christmas, well he drove me home one morning because I invited him over to play the full game. Anyway, I didn't know how to drive, so he thought to get me behind the wheel of his car while in the parking lot of my apartment complex, confident that I could do it and that I wouldn't crash or cause him to get in trouble because I didn't have a permit or license to drive. He actually got nervous and bewildered with how I was holding the steering wheel, with my fingers, telling me I had to grip it, and had to remind me a few times when I gripped then went back to fingertips again. I was just so used to holding game controllers, NES, even SNES and Playstation with my fingers or a light grip. I drove around most of the way in the parking lot, but was not confident with it, afraid I would crash into someone's parked car, even though he said I was doing good. First and only time I ever drove a car, for a few minutes very slowly, I could've walked faster.

There's a reason why you have to grip, so you have total control, but I was doing just fine with NES controllers before controllers got more complexly designed.

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