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Do we have a forum for game repair? I have a question about a piece that needs fixing and whether it's possible.


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Long title sums it up. I want to ask about a problem I'm having with a Game & Watch unit. I got a Mario's Cement Factory Table Top recently, that was sold as "part or not working". I figured it might be fun, so I picked it up. The first easy fix was of the battery contacts; They were corroded to the point that they were non-conductive. Once I fixed that it was trivial to get power on. That's where it gets more complicated. I have found that the LCD is not lighting up correctly (or rather, "not" lighting up. Small technicality. Most G&W are a clear LCD that turns specific sections black with electric charge in order to create the characters you see on screen. The color screens of the table top series work in reverse; The background is colored images of the characters, and the LCD, instead of being clear and turning black, is always black and instead turns the LCD sections OFF where the characters are, so that instead of showing black characters, it hides the LCD there to reveal the full-color drawings that are behind the LCD). Digression aside, the LCD is not lighting up as it should. It should be that you see all the backgrounds and Mario, plus the status of your cement mixers. In mine, the wrong parts light up. Sometimes you see four marios, or you see one cement truck but not the other, or you can see the PM in the clock but not the actual time.

I suspect that because I fixed the power delivery more or less, that the problem must then be something with either the crystal or the mainboard. I think the crystal is "fine" because otherwise I wouldn't be able to get it to light up the various spots (I swear I once accidentally got it to appear normally, but that may have been my eyes fooling me). My suspicion is that maybe the connection between crystal and mainboard is wrong. I don't know if that's a solid hunch though, so I'm asking if anybody here knows anything about Game & Watch Table Top units, and if my hunch could be right or if I need to pursue another option (or just admit defeat if it's irreparable).

But as I said, I don't know if this is the right forum. Do we have a forum for this? Let me know and I'll ask for a move or delete. Thanks all.



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