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Best genre per console?


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Colecovision - arcade ports, was probably the best console for that before the NES dropped. Atari 5200 was also decent in that area, at least for Atari titles.

NES - definitely platformers, though it IMO is surprisingly underrated in a few genres, such as adventure games and shooters. It's no Turbografx-16, but it has its good ones.

Saturn - shooters, especially if you get into the imports.

NeoGeo - fighting games/arcade ports of fighting games



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NES - (Action) Platformers

SNES - RPGs and Platformers second. It's not just turn-based RPGs. There are a lot of Action RPGs and A few Strategy RPGs as well. I played a lot of Secret of Mana, Illusion of Gaia/Time, Terranigma and Seiken Densetsu III on the SNES and those are just a few. Maybe you could include Zelda III as a borderline case. I can't think of any other early console that had so many and so good Action RPGs.

Mega Drive - Shmups, Sports games (you can keep these, imho)

N64 - 3D Platformers, although there were a bunch of good 1st Person Shooters and Racing games as well. Basically anything multiplayer.

PS1 - RPGs. I think that's when JRPGs really blew up in the west and probably reached their high point as well?

PS2 - 3D action games in the widest sense. Think GTA, God of War etc.

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I think Genesis/MD did well with the 2D sidescrollers like Shinobi, E-SWAT, Mystic Defender, etc. They also have a really glorious art style that is still my favorite in all of gaming. You know exactly what system it’s on when you see gameplay footage of a Genesis sidescroller.

What about beat em ups on Genesis/MD? I think SoR2 is the greatest beat em up of all time, but you’ve also got the Golden Axe series, Alien Storm, etc. and I know the Sega CD is separate from the Genesis, but it’s got the definitive home version of Final Fight.

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I think it’s easier to break it down between consoles of similar era. Otherwise, more modern consoles would dominate most genres due to the sheer number of games in their gaming library (eg. PS1/PS2).

I can only compare my experience with gaming the most for Snes/Megadrive:

- Megadrive: sports and action/arcade (Streets of Rage, Shinobi, Golden Axe, E Swat)

- Snes: RPGs, 2D platformers (Mario World, Yoshi’s Island, Donkey Kong Country, Kirby)

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6 hours ago, sg17 said:

Someone has to say the truth:

Gameboy - Pokemon

And seriously now, for the GB I'm undecided between puzzle and rpg.

To this day, I still have never played a true Pokémon game.  I think when it first hit the States, I figured I was too old to be the target demographic, and, at that point, I had moved on from console games to PC gaming (MS-DOS and Win95).

I returned to console gaming with the GameCube and original Xbox, but never did pick up any Pokémon games!  My kids love Pokemon, and sooner or later I am sure we will get some kind of Pokémon game.

Any suggestions for a 41 year old guy with a 7 and 5 year old?  

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14 minutes ago, Sumer said:

Any suggestions for a 41 year old guy with a 7 and 5 year old?  

FireRed and LeafGreen. They're remakes of the original Red and Blue, so you start from the beginning, but they have some features that improve the gameplay.

Others may have some other opinions.

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NES - platformers

SNES - platformers

Genesis - SHMUPS

N64 - platformers

PS1 - I guess it excelled most at RPGs, but I still firmly believe that the PC had better RPGs than any console at any given time. 


I wanted to vote beat 'em ups for one of these because that's my favorite genre to play on SNES and Genesis, but I don't think they really excelled at those games. I think I just enjoy the genre.

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