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US TurboGrafx 16 Kiosk + Turbografx JAMMA Arcade unit


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4 month later, 2400+ KM shipping journey to Alberta and a ton of headache. Happy to say both these units arrived safe !

Unit on the left is an American TurboGrafx kiosk used in a Toys R Us from an ex employee in San Diego. Different from the CDN kiosk posted by Sparky and I in the past. NA user Whicked Wonka posted another US kiosk 10 years ago or so on the forums, and luckily had side pictures showing big decals mine were missing.

The Unit on the right is an original TurboGrafx 16 JAMMA arcade cabinet. These were sold by American amusements in kits to install onto existing arcade cabinets. Needs some TLC, but it'll b a dime shined up.

Looking for more unique promo pieces like this * cough* TurboDuo kiosk. Paying finders well for any leads ! Shoot me a message


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