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Dozens of Props from "Pokémon LIVE!" Stage Show Discovered in Abandoned Theatre


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Hey everyone, a super fascinating discovery has come about regarding the long-lost Pokémon stage show Pokémon LIVE. There is a video by the YouTuber Chadtronic which does a really good job of explaining the entire story, I suggest you check it out if you are interested...


It seems like a huge shame for such a unique piece of gaming history to quite literally be thrown away if the puppets amd props are not salvaged before the construction teams start to renovate. I've tried reaching out to people both in the Pokemon Company and involved with the current state of the Tivoli about saving these pieces, but I am still waiting to hear back.

Does anyone here live in ON, in or around Hamilton who could shed aome light on this theater?

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I was just talking to some friends about this a few weeks ago when discussing terrible musical adaptions of children's cartoons. They were discussing this


When I brought up Pokemon Live. They agreed it might possibly be worse then TMNT's lol

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