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Is there a master list of which pcb’s games use?


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I have a few non-working GBA and GBC games of medium to high value. Don’t see any bad traces, but they just don’t work.

I want to try a final attempt at salvaging them by transplanting the game chips onto equivalent boards from less expensive games..

Is there a Master list that I can reference to figure out which games have the same PCs board?

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Don't think so.  I think bootgod was the exception for NES stuff.  My instinct is to tell me by that point, aside from a battery save, almost all the GBA and GBC boards are identical, save for a few revisions.  Ultimately it would have to take the community to open and organize all of them.

BTW unless you have experience, I STRONGLY suggest not removing any TSOP chips as they're hard to remove and even harder to solder on.   The way those PCBs are put together is with solder paste which is like toothpaste.  Its spread on the copper contacts and the components and chips stick to them.  Then the whole thing is put in the oven and melted.  Its great for compact design but fixing them is really hard.  Which is why its easier for most companies to replace the entire PCB than fix one part.   Just a tip.

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as for pcb you should be able to look at code that is on the silk screen layer and find the same and transplant.  if it comes down to that.

example.  pcb has DMG-BEAN-02 then you will need a DMG-BEAN-02 board  that way it will all trace out the same way.  and additional the Caps and Resistors will follow suite...

match board for board!!

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