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==> Rollie for the NES is out now on cartridge.


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My friend Chris' game Rollie, the new adventure for the NES, is Out Now on cartridge and available from my crew The 6502 Collective. 

Roll and bounce through 16 stages of 8-bit bliss playing as Rollie or Lorrie who need to save their forest Paradise Gorge from the brats and bullies who have taken over.

- Side-Scrolling Platformer
- Two Player Mode
- Items, Power-ups and Special Abilities like marbles, bubbles, clovers and more!
- Password Saves
- 16 Boss Battles over 16 Stages
- Secrets and Checkpoints

- #8BitLegit and built from the ground up by Optovania
GET YOURS HERE ==>https://6502collective.com/store/p_1239924/rollie




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Homebrew Team · Posted
15 minutes ago, fcgamer said:

Besides SoleGoose, who else is involved in the 6502 Collective?

It's a join venture between Sole Goose Productions and Retrotainment (makers of Haunted Halloween 85, 86, and Full Quiet).  @IBtiM is part of Retrotainment and 6502 collective 

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