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PlayStation Controllers


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Just for fun I went through my PS1 controllers and took some pictures.  Which controllers were your favorites?  I don't have many third party controllers, so I'm interested in seeing what everyone else has.


Of course, the console and controller that started it all.





And the slim PSOne model with LCD screen attachment.





Original PS1 controller




This is the original Dual Analog controller.  Not to be confused with the Dual Shock.  This is actually my favorite PS1 controller due to its larger size. 




And of course the well known Dual Shock.  




Here is a size comparison between the three controllers.  As I mentioned before, the Dual Analog is my favorite because the slightly longer handles are more comfortable in my opinion.  I was always disappointed that they went back to the smaller design for the Dual Shock.










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Here are the "big" controllers.  The PlayStation Analog Joystick and the Asciiware Arcade Stick.  Original controller shown for scale.





I often see the question come up.  On the original Dual Analog controller, the mode button had 3 options:  Off, Green and Red.  The red was the standard dual analog feature that we are all used to.  The green light actually caused the controller to imitate the Analog Flightstick.  This feature was dropped from the Dual Shock.




PS1 multi-tap.  Available in both model PS1 colors.




This is the only PS1 lightgun that I have at the moment.




Any my third party controllers.  Includes a single handed controller and a racing controller.  Most might recognize the racing controller as the design was popular for the N64.  They actually used the same case design.  You can see where the N64 memory card would go if it wasn't plugged up.





And an add-on kit for the original PS1 controller that allowed you to make the d-pad imitate a joystick with 4 different attachments.




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I picked up two new PS1 controllers.  Both from Vintage Stock and both surprisingly cheap considering they weren't on sale or anything.  


First is the fishing controller which is good to have considering the number of fishing games on the system.




Second is a MadCatz flight stick.  I haven't seen this one before, but for $6 I figured why not?  I doubt I will ever use it as the Sony dual flight stick is almost certainly a better controller, but I'll keep it in the collection anyway.  




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