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Registration Cards Galore plus more F/S


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I have several extra registration cards/inserts I don't need, and am looking to sell or maybe trade for other registration cards or posters that I need. If interested, please contact me. This is a great opportunity to get registration cards/inserts for your NES, SNES and Gameboy titles. I will give discounts if more than 1 is purchased at the same time. Here's what I have:


Gameboy poster included with many Nintendo published games (DMG-USA-3) - $12



NES Ultra Games Poster (ULT-NES-US-1) - $9



NES Capcom Poster (CAP-NES-US-1) - $10


NES Konami poster (KON-NES-US-1) - $9



NES Jaleco poster (JAL-NES-US-3)




NES Konami Registration Card (KON-NES-US) "We're Giving Away Secrets" - $7





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