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Greetings folks! I just wanted to let everyone know that I am working on a new project called Spirit Impel for the NES. Currently I am in the process of making the demo for the ByteOff 2020 compatition. I am hoping to have it available come this holiday season is all goes well.


For those who don't know me I have produced hacks in the past as MrFaust, such as Lock'n'Chase, Castlevania: Baleful Sonata and Fake News Covefefe. You can find updates on my current and past projects at https://www.facebook.com/PasseGaming1/.

I'd could use some support for my page and would appreciate a like! Thanks!

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Yeah, I've thought the same thing, I may replace the font in the future for it's final release but I have bigger fish to fry with other issues. If I have the time I'll see about switching it over. I think the main issue is that it isn't double spaced. So with the text all squished together like that it makes it more difficult to read. Unfortunately I don't have a way around that at the moment. I wanted it to be scrolling text, that way I could space it out and it would be less of a strain on the eyes. Haven't figure out how to do that just yet. It's definitely a work in progress and they aren't necessarily expecting complete games for the competition. 

Thanks for catching that error. I'll have to read through it again to make sure everything is spelt correctly. 

::Update:: I fixed any typos and cut down on some of the text. Still haven't figured out how to go about making scrolling text. I figure I will sooner or later. Anyhow, thanks again for the constructive criticism!

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