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F/S NES Collection! 2023 Winter Sale! Carts, manuals, CIB ... DM me!


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2023 Sale Thread

-E-mail jasonrippard@yahoo.com for questions

-Buyer pays shipping (unless otherwise stated)

-Ships to North America Only

-Prices made based on condition

-Parting out items considered but not guaranteed.

-PM for questions/details/bundling

-All NES games have dust covers. If it has a box, it has a box protector.


-Virginia has joined a list of other states raising the limit to $600 per year til a 1099 tax form is sent. Sorry for the inconvenience. Alternative payment forms are fine if this is an issue.






NES carts /CI/CB/CIB


720° $15


10 Yard Fight $5


3D World Runner $15


8 Eyes $15


Adventure Island (CI) $25


Air Fortress (CI) $15


Alpha Mission $10


Bandai Golf (CIB) $22


Battle Chess $10


Blades of Steel $12


Blaster Master (CI) $20


Breakthru $10


Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout (CB faded) $18


Bump n’ Jump $8


Caesars Palace (Box only) $10


Casino Kid $10


Championship Bowling (CI) $8


Cobra Command $12


Cobra Triangle $8


Codename: Viper $15


Crystal Mines (blue) (CB) $70


Dance Aerobics $8


Dash Galaxy (faded box) (CB) $25


Demon Sword $10


Destination Earthstar $8


Faxanadu (CI) $20


Festers Quest (CI) $15


Gauntlet $10


Gauntlet II $10


Ghosts n’ Goblins $20


Golf $8


Goonies II (CI) $25


Gotcha! (CI) $10


Gyromite (w/ famicom convertor) (CI) $30


Hogans Alley $10


Hoops (CI) $10


Hunt For Red October $8


Hydlide $8


Ikari Warriors $12


Indiana Jones Temple of Doom $15


Infiltrator $8


Jeopardy (CB) $12


Jeopardy 25th Anniversary $6


Johan Elway’s Quarterback (CI) $8


Karate Champ (CI) $10


Kings Knight (CI) $15


Kings of the Beach $8


Load Runner $10


Mad Max $12


Millipede $10


Milons Secret Castle (CI) $15


Muppet Adventure (cart stains) $10


NES Open Golf $7


Orb 3-D (CI) $15


Othello $5


Pin Bot (CI) $8


Pinball (CI) $8


RBI Baseball $10


Robowarrior $10


Rush n’ Attack $10


Side Pocket $8


Silent Service (CI) $8


Soccer $7


Solar Jetman $10


Solstice $10


Star Voyager $8


Stealth ATF $8


Super Talking Jeopardy (Box Only) $12


Super Pitfall (CI) $15


Super Spkie V’ball $8


Super Team Games $8


Tecmo Bowl $10


Tecmo World Wrestling (CI) $15


Terminator 2 $9


Tetris 2 (CI) $15


Tiger-Heli (CI) $10


Top Gun Second Mission (CI) $10


Top Player Tennis $12


Total Recall (CI) $15


Track & Field $6


Vegas Dream (CIB) $20


Wheel of Fortune (CI) $8


Wheel of Fortune Family Edition $6


Winter Games $8


Wrath of the Black Manta $12




Loose NES Manuals


-Bards Tale


-Caveman Games




-Dino Riki


-Iron Tank


-Mach Rider




-Tag Team 





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