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An oddity from across the pond - the GX4000 fullset!


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I enjoy collecting for more obscure consoles, and I've been meaning to show this off. I decided to get the GX4000 full set.

Here's some details on it:
The Amstrad (short for Alan Michael Sugar Trading Company) was a successful line of budget 8-bit computers in England. After having wild success in the field of computers, Sugar decided to move into the field of video game consoles with the Amstrad GX4000. However, much like the Super A'can, he decided to release an 8-bit system, right on the heels of the release of the 16-bit Mega Drive. Thinking (again like the A'can) that he'd undercut the more expensive new consoles, he expected the GX4000 to be a hit. It wasn't. I was an abysmal failure, with only 26 games released. Another major point of failure was that most games had been released for the computer on cheap cassette tapes, and Sugar was expecting people to rebuy the same games on new, more expensive cartridges.

If you enjoyed reading this, and want more, the nostalgia nerd did a great series on the Amstrad Computers/GX4000. I enjoyed watching these, they are on the level of the Gaming Historian.






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