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Is there a 'console intro' that you are partial to?


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I forgot the Switch did that, and I don't recall the LITE doing it either when we just set that up for my kid a couple weeks back.  Maybe they don't do it on there or removed it.


For me the two that come to mind already were hit, the distinct visual/audio mix of Gamecube and Dreamcast really outshine the rest mostly, though the PS2 jingle and swirling of stars/gasses looking thing into that menu isn't bad either.  I think Gamecube edges them out, not just for face value but the hidden second easter egg boot as well with the squeaky toys sounds and the laughing.  Hold Z and fire up the Gamecube to get this...


Also there is a very obscure 3rd one, needs 4 controllers still again holding Z button on all 4 of them.


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Is it kinda neat that now with the PSIO I can for the first time see the proper PS1 intro and the original colorful memory card menu. 🙂 

And I always thought that opera intro when you turn on the PS3 was a nice touch.  It goes with the sexy shiny black Cadillac look of the original PS3.

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11 hours ago, captmorgandrinker said:

The original Playstation.  

I had a modded one, and when it got to that second sound with the "SCEA" screen you knew your burned disc would work.

This is the only answer to me.  That intro/chime is up there with the iconic THX intro they use to play in theaters.  I still get goose bumps when it's pumped through a serious audio system.  I think it's the only console boot-up process that I actually wish was longer.

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My last post was somewhat confusing.  When I said 

1 hour ago, TDIRunner said:

To be honest, there are no bad console startups (maybe Tiger).  But watching this just confirms for me that the PS1 was the best, with the US model 2 Sega CD and GameCube near the top as well.

I was referring to watching this: (I forgot to post the link)



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