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Collector focused on rare and obscure DS games.

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Hello, my name is Cliff. I’ve been collecting video games pretty hardcore for the past 7 years, but have recently been getting into Nintendo DS games. 

I have started a YouTube channel where I review and make fun of rare and obscure Nintendo DS games in an informative way. I go pretty in depth with DS collecting. Please check it out 



let me know if you have a gaming YouTube channel so I can follow you back!


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13 minutes ago, ZeldaFreak said:

Welcome! Pretty impressive collection you've got there. I especially like how you're organized the games based on color on the right, that looks really nice.

Thanks! Us North Americans are very lucky, all pal games have white spines , and all Japanese DS games have black spine, but North America got the full rainbow of colors on the spine.



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13 minutes ago, DoctorEncore said:

Welcome! You've already done me a huge service by convincing me to never even consider going after a DS set. Good God, man! Nice collection!

Yeah don’t go for a complete DS set unless you want to overpay for shovelware. Well, that can pretty much be said for most systems. Good thing about DS is there isn’t a flood of sports games. Also, the rarest 100 DS games are about as rare as the rarest 5-10 GameCube/ps2 games. It’s incredible how many DS games had a super small print run. 

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