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WTB: Mint Copies of Loose NES Cartridges, Manuals, and Inserts


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Hey all!

I have recently come into a small lot of very nice NES boxes, some with manuals.  I am working on completing each of these games and am looking for some help. 

Here is the current list of what I am looking for:

Game Cart Manual
720 X  
Blades of Steel   (White Oval SOQ) X  
Cobra Triangle X X
Crash 'N' The Boys Street Challenge X  
Danny Sullivan's Indy Heat X X
Gyruss X  
Ikari III The Rescue X  
Jackal    (Black Circle SOQ) X  
Laser Invasion X X
Michael Andretti's World GP X  
Ninja Gaiden X  
North and South X X
Roger Clemens MVP Baseball X  
Silent Service X  
Skate or Die    (Black Circle SOQ) X
Tecmo NBA Basketball X X
Tecmo Super Bowl X X
Top Gun: The Second Mission X  

From what I can tell, there aren't any major variants for these games other than the three I have specified in the list.  I do want these carts to be as close to mint condition as possible.

Finally, I am looking NES inserts to go along with these games.  I am happy to discuss what I am looking for via DM, so don't hesitate to send me a message.  

Thanks for taking the time to read this.  I have worked with a couple of people here, so I can provide references from VGS.  I have also been on ebay for over twenty years (paperback.writer) with 450+ positive feedback.  

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