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Gamecube Blister Packs (Console, Controller, Memory Card)


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Hello all,

I was curious about what people think of this item on ebay (not that price it's crazy high). Are these something that can be re-sealed? 

It looks like the outer package has wear. And I can't tell if the memory card package that has fallen from the place it should be at the top has aged yellow at the back cardboard. 

Ebay Listing

I'd like to know the opinion of anyone who is interested or a collector. 


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Some blister packs can simply be "re-snapped" to close them, but a secure package from a legit retailer is usually damaged when opened. I suppose it might be possible to open one of these with a heat gun and then reseal, but it would be obvious once you actually get the item and open it. If you're interested in purchasing, I'd just ask for more and better pictures.

Also, that price is outrageous.

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