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Ominous Sightings by Mine


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This wouldn't be the first time that odd occurrences would happen near me, there was the ghost of a little girl that my mum and I saw at a local shop, then there was a mysterious package that showed up in my P.O. box containing a Super Mario Kart that I didn't order, and about $10 worth of cash. The latter story still gives me the chills when I think about the details, luckily the story that happened tonight doesn't directly involve me, rather the nosey old bag one floor down.

So usually the old bag will come up to my floor around 20:00, to chat with her buddy who lives in the apartment across from me. Tonight I didn't hear anything from her, but as I went in and out of the apartment, I did see a set of keys sitting in the lock on the door to her apartment.

As the hours wore on I started to wonder why no one had claimed the keys, even wondering if I should knock and let her know that her keys were in the door.

Then, the last time I came up the stairs, I took a closer glance and noticed this loathsomeness was attached to the keys.

Is it a sign of something sinister, was the woman murdered by her grandson or the grouchy husband? Is a serial killer or gangster on the loose, and this is his calling card? Will I be next, and my game collection stolen? Or does Taiwan Grandma just enjoy keychains with such unsettling characters?


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