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Which Megamn Battle Network Game was the Best?


Megaman Battle Network  

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  1. 1. Which game was the perfect entry in the series?

    • MMBN 1
    • MMBN 2
    • MMBN 3
    • MMBN 4
    • MMBN 5
    • MMBN 6
    • The Star Force Series
    • One of the GameCube Games

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To this day, I still have the fondest of memories for the absolutely insane amount of time I dumped on the mmbn series. This was the first series that I downloaded the Japanese ROM just to experience the game before it was really available. I still play 5 on the DS (Team Protoman of course) from time to time and I was wondering what the general consensus was on this awesome title?

Don't be ashamed if you like Star Force....I won't make fun of you too much.

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Definitely MMBN 3. So much fun with that one. All the different versions of boss chips, getting to use viruses like scuttle to fight for you, the extra bosses post game like bass and serenade, all the different styles you could change into. Lots and lots to love about this one.

They're all good tbh, except for the star force series. We'll pretend that series never happened. I haven't played  MMBN 1 or 2 yet so I can't speak for those, but the rest are good. I too still play 5 on the DS from time to time. Still confused why they put that one on DS after they released MMBN 6 on GBA. 

Mega man network transmission on GameCube is a very solid and extremely underrated mega man game imo.

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