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VGS 2020 Videomation Contest Results


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Events Team · Posted

Ladies and Gentlemen, deliberation has been made and it is now my pleasure to announce the results for the VGS 2020 Videomation Contest.



Grand Prize, awarded to the overall best appreciated art by the jury goes to :

@JamesRobot for The Scream Flashing


To symbolize his win, JamesRobot will be awarded a unique Charm specially created by @CasualCart which represents a miniature depiction of his drawing (in the red palette) :

64x64 version : 1994133106_TheScream64x64.png.671a28d501c4b79027e0b6b5c293f3ee.png  32x32 version : 981188818_TheScream32x32.png.1d9c6a25761f8382702e58b54ae6a018.png




Best Original Art category winner is :

@SuperJimtendo for Videomation Landscape :


As the winner for the best original creation, SuperJimtendo will also be awarded a unique Charm :

64x64 version : 2106319739_VideomationLandscape64x64.png.735d76f64189bcd5ce37c118aae3832b.png 32x32 version : 215236885_VideomationLandscape32x32.png.910e5b5aea100b4fbd28c879a16277f4.png




Best Graphic, exclusively picked by the VGS Graphics Team goes to :

@0xDEAFC0DE for Penrose Triangle


With this awesome depiction of an 'impossible triangle', 0xDEAFC0DE is rewarded with a matching unique Charm :

64x64 version : 1586534012_PenroseTriangle64x64.png.094120a1212d8cfb3bb0c652a7b23b84.png 32x32 version : 722347816_PenroseTriangle32x32.png.b4b85799fde06a16f5deadd44920be9d.png



These are our 3 winners for the Videomation contest, congratulations to the three of you! As the competition was such a success, the jury also decided to gives a Honorable Mention to particularly deserving submission. Each judge had the opportunity to pick a submission of his choice :


@BortLicensePlate's pick, for Best Unfinished Art :

@nesmaster14 with Videomation is Fleeting




@CasualCart's pick, for Best Software Use :

@bertsampson with Tetris




@BeaIank's pick, for Best Depiction of a Video Game Character :

@ninjistar with Pac-Man Ban




@guillavoie's pick, for Most Shocking :

@docile tapeworm (skinnygrinny) with Kickle's Tapeworm



Huge thanks to everyone that participated and/or was involved in this Special NES Weekly Contest, this went marvelously well and definitely give everyone an incentive to organize more 'out of the box 'competition of the like on VGS. I will personally thank BortLicencePlate and CasualCart for helping us in making this contest a success, and to BeaIank for all the great work she does for the VGS NES Weekly contest.

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Events Team · Posted

Dope!  Thanks a heap for the unique charms.  And for the record, this is my first weekly NES contest win (as unorthodox as it may be) since I started playing in 2014.

Thank you to the events and graphics teams for putting this on.  And congratulations to the other contestant winners.

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