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The 8BitDo N30 2.4G Wireless Controller for NES — It’s terrific!

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I just got a pair of these babies in today, and put one of them through its paces on my AVS. Now, the fatal flaw of the previous Bluetooth model was the garbage D-pad, so I tested it on my D-pad litmus test games Bomberman 2 and Ms. Pac-Man. The D-pad passed with beyond flying colors, in fact it actually managed to do really well with Ms. Pac-Man, VERY responsive and accurate, so much so that I almost didn’t wish I using a proper arcade joystick instead, which of course I always do when I’m playing Pac-Man games on home systems; needless to say I did not remotely expect that! This D-pad is the absolute best I’ve ever used on an NES controller, combining the accuracy of the micro-switched AVS controller D-pad with the more comfortable feel of the membraned OEM NES controller D-pad. And, the little Home button on this controller is pre-mapped to Down+Select, so you can set your AVS or Nt Mini to go back to its main menu when that combo is pressed and then you’re set. So handy! My only minor quibble is that it’s a shade too true to the OEM brick aesthetic, because the brick is still not that comfortable to hold for extended periods of time; my ideal controller would be the (IMO) superior, more ergonomic outer design of the AVS controller and the more comfortable D-pad and buttons of the N30 controller. But since that isn’t possible, I would highly HIGHLY recommend the N30, one of the two best wireless NES controllers you can get, and less than half the price of the AVS controller. I also highly recommend the other best one, the AVS controller, if you want a much more comfortable fit for your hand and don’t mind shelling out the extra dosh. Personally, I’m glad I have two of each.

8BitDo has achieved what I never dreamed possible: wireless lag-free controllers for the Big Three classic video game consoles that are not only nostalgic, beautiful and extremely well-made, but they’re also at least as responsive and accurate as each system’s OEM controller and even >moreso< in some cases. Great job, 8BitDo. (And now do Atari, Saturn and Dreamcast!)

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