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FT: UPDATED tons of CIB, boxed and loose consoles


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Hey everyone -

Looking to make some trades to the USA only. What I have is pictured below.

I will be glad to furnish more pics of anything but only for serious traders that let me know what they have and what they want from me. Everything will be cleaned and tested again before shipping.

For this stuff, I am only looking for trades for Neo Geo items and sealed NES, SNES, N64, Game Boy, GBC and GBA. Wanted list at the bottom.

Again, to clarify, I am not selling this stuff and if you don’t have Neo Geo consoles/games or sealed consoles/games from my list below then I’m sorry but I’m not interested. Thank you in advance!

Genesis model 2 CIB
Genesis model 1 altered beast CIB
N64 w/ atomic purple controller CIB
SNES super scope 6 CIB
Atari XE CIB
Saturn CIB (ugly box)
NES super scope CIB
Virtual Boy CIB w/ CIB power adapter 
NES Uforce CIb
Jaguar CIB (inner tray ugly)
Wii mini CIB
Dreamcast CIB
Donkey Konga 2 bongos CIB
N64 gray solid controller CIB
GameCube CIB x2 (one box has tape and stickers but I can get those off)
SNES mini CIB (not the classic series, the actual SNES mini)
Saturn Virtua Stick CIB

- Genesis/CD/32x model one set loose
- NES toploader loose

(All N64 funtastic have at least 1 matching controller and all have expansion pack)
- ice blue
- jungle green
- grape 
- watermelon
- fire orange 

- Wii red Mario edition loose
- Wii blue loose
- TG16 loose
- 3DO loose
- Xbox 360 Star Wars R2D2 loose w/Kinect & controller 
- Saturn loose
- Sega Master System loose
- Atari 5200 loose

I had well over 250 NA feedback and have well over 2500 eBay feedback (pghvideogames). Plenty here have known me for many years and can vouch for me. You should be well-vouched also. 




Neo Geo AES USA system or JP system with fairly recent unibios. (This is one of the only things I regret selling during the divorce)

Neo Geo consolized MVS system (This is probably the other thing I regret selling most)

NES sealed

SNES sealed

N64 sealed

GB/GBC/GBA sealed

Neo Geo AES games (JP or US)

Neo Geo MVS games (JP or US)

Neo Geo CD games (JP or US)


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