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For Trade - PC Engine Duo & Modded Saturn


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Hello, I have a couple system i'm looking to trade. I will take pictures if anyone is interested. First time trading on here but had a bunch of transactions on NIntendoAge with the same user name.

Modded Sega Saturn system with controller, composite cables, power cord and Pro Action Replay. The system plays back ups and  original games with no issues. Plays games from other regions using the Action Replay cart.

PC Engine Duo system with controller, composite cables, power cord. Also included is the Japanese Arcade System Card needed for playing games like Sapphire or Strider. The multi tap with a US Turbo Duo controller. Also a Turbo Everdrive with a loaded 16gb micro SD card. The system plays hucards and CDs with no issues.

I'm looking to trade for Super Nintendo carts. Looking for the RetroUSB Campus Challenge or Powerfest carts. Dracula X, Chrono Trigger, Spike McFang, EVO, etc.

I would value the PC Engine lot around $500 and the Saturn around $150. I would be looking to trade for something around those values. 

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