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Most common PS2 games that YOU OWN!?!?


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Administrator · Posted

I'm hoping to start a little itty bitty mini project, purely out of curiosity. This will have to start though with finding out who in the community is able to assist me with it, and what game(s) will be eligible based on who owns what.

So... Let me know what are like the 3 or so most common PS2 games that you own. If you come into the thread and others have posted already with some games, please don't hesitate to say "I have that game too!" if you have a copy. ESPECIALLY I am HOPING to find a game or two where a few people have the game(s) SEALED and are WILLING TO OPEN THEM.

Further, if you know you got the game(s) second hand, if you could make note of that as well it'd help. If you're the original owner then EVEN BETTER.

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Administrator · Posted
1 minute ago, DefaultGen said:

I'm confused, are you looking for sealed games, or just the most common PS2 games? The best selling PS2 games look like GTA:SA, GT3, and GT4. Yup, I sure have those!

I'm looking to see, among the common PS2 games, which is most commonly owned among VGS users. If someone happens to have sealed copies they can open, all the better.

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I feel like PS2 games are common in general, and probably half my PS2 games are "very common". Is there a list or something I can use for priority? XD
Going through my shelves I guess stuff that sticks out is Star Wars Battlefront 2, Manhunt, MGS2, MGS3, various Buzz games, Devil May Cry 1-3, Crash of the Titans, Sonic Heroes, Kingdom Hearts, Jak & Daxter 1-3, Black, GTA 3 and VC, SingStar 80s, God of War 1+2, Time Crisis 3, No One Lives Forever, Project Eden, ONI, The Getaway, and EyeToy Play.

I have a few games that are still sealed because I have them new and still haven't gotten around to playing them. My backlog is painfully long.

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At a quick glance:

Dragon Quest 8

Final Fantasy X

Guitar Hero 1-World Tour (seriously, it feels like you get a free copy of one of these with purchase of any PS2.)

Grand Turismo 4 (2x copies)

Ridge Racer V

LEGO Star Wars

Tekken Tag (2x copies)

Games I have owned and flipped multiple times:

Devil May Cry titles (Some of these I only had one copy, but I think I've had DMC3 maybe 3 times.)

Onimusha titles (I've owned at least 2x of all of these)


The only sealed PS2 games I own are the Sega Genesis Collection and Driving Emotion: Type-S, so I don't think I can help in opening any of these.

I know that's more than 2-3 games, but I honestly don't know how super common some of those are.  Truth be told, probably the most common top 5-10 titles should be the best selling Maddens and NBA 20xx's or something dumb like that. Other than racing and Tony Hawk, I don't own any sports titles though.

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How about Medal of Honor: Frontline and Medal of Honor: Rising Sun?  I feel like I always see those games at Goodwill or resale shops for $2 or $3 bucks each.  They are both amazing games, but they were hugely popular when they came out, so copies are everywhere.  Those are both great additions to any PS2 collection because they are cheap, common, and in my opinion, they still play well today.  Rising Sun gets some hate, but I never understood it.  I love that game.  

Also, there is an HD remaster of Frontline on the PS3, but unfortunately, it's a little buggy in the later levels.  

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