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Anyone ever play Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat?


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This games was released in 2002, a year before the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie was released and Pirates became the hot thing. Which is interesting because in the game you end up fighting alot of living skeletons and there is a First Mate character, who looks and sounds alot like Gibbs from the movie. Coincidence????? Anyway after the movie came out I got this game for Christmas. Being that all things Pirate was in at the time I was excited to try it out. 

The story revolves around Katarina and the search for her mother's grave and also seeking revenge against the man that killed her father. The story plays out in cutscenes that are really well done. 

The game plays like a 3D Legend of Zelda but with Pirates.  You explore the regions searching for new weapons, upgrading your sword, and treasure to purchase upgrades to/for your ship. The land areas are pretty much completely free roaming and it's in your interest to explore the island because there is buried treasure all over the place to find. Your controller vibrates (at least in the PS2 version I don't know about Xbox) when your near treasure. It reminds me of the Korok seeds in BOTW, they give you a reason to explore. The various areas of the game are your standard fire/ice/jungle/haunted areas.

A Lot of fun comes from traveling between areas or islands within the same area. You steer your own ship that you can upgrade to larger ships and add more cannons to as you progress. Every time you enter a newly unlocked area of the map you encounter enemy ships you must destroy before they sink you. This is a ton of fun for me as you can face a number of ships at once and there is a bunch of various types of cannon ammo to use for some extra flavor. This is also the focus of the multiplayer portion of the game, ship vs ship battles.

I'm sure I'm leaving a bunch out but this was just a quick stream of consciousness post because I got the urge to play it again. 


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