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This is toshi5o3/SergioHolograms... Sup!

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Hey everyone,

toshi5o3 (as some of you might know me as) aka SergioHolograms here. Transplanting from NA, I'm a musician/composer/streamer/game publisher. Looking forward to catching up with the old crew and getting to know the new. 


In case you're wondering why you see "SergioHolograms", apart from it being my Twitch handle (https://www.twitch.tv/sergioholograms), it's the stage name I use when I perform live (Sergio and the Holograms). Using hologram projections, much like Hatsune Miku, I put on a pretty fun production ranging from VGM covers to originals, having myself in a hologram fashion backing me as a band. If you're interested in checking it out some of my work, you can go to my youtube channel. 😉



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