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Playing PSP UMD’s with a patch


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There’s a lot of Japanese PSP games that have English translation patches. Is it possible to get the translation patch saved onto the PSP memory stick and have the physical UMD game utilize the patch?

I like to play physical games. Do not want to dump the UMD and play a patched ISO file. This is kind of how physical switch games work, even if you play the game off of a physical cartridge, any software updates that were patched in become playable in conjunction with the cartridge.

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Unfortunately, not at the moment.  There might be some way to create a hacked together "ISO" which tells the game to hit the disc for large chunks of the code then refer back to the patch for text, but it's unlikely that anyone would go to the trouble to put something like that together when you can just patch an ISO copy of the game and play that.  Without any way to burn your own custom UMD, you're most likely going to be completely out of luck playing any sort of translated games via physical media.

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