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Obligatory "Cat" thread


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16 hours ago, Link said:

Here is Spooky, sleepin’ hard with her tail over her head.


It's a bit hard to see from this angle but I absolutely adore when kitties sleep with their wittle paw covering their eyes like that, it is so cute!  And I also love it when they do cute things with their wittle mittens such as my kitty slowly reaching with his paw in the cup of my tea and licking it off his wittle fingers! 🙂  Well you know almost anything a kitty does is so cute...almost...

(start at 5:00 for the first video)




Cat in last video: Oh you got me that cheap store brand crap cat food because it was "on sale"!?  I'll give you "on sale"!!

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So this is one of my crew (Nibbler) and this is how he seems to like to sleep.  He was a rescue when he was a kitten and was a lot smaller than what he his now,(he nearing being a year old now I think) he has a fascination with wanting to catch you off guard (or asleep) and nibble/suck on peoples ears thus the name...and kinda stole it from Futurama.

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Oh his fur is so shiny!  You must take such good care of him!

BTW, I've actually seen many cats on some of the gaming channels such as AVGN...are kitties indeed popular among gamers?  I honestly had no idea one way or the other.  I do know that cats and introverts (like myself do), as Forrest Gump would say, go together like peas and carrots! 🙂

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I have too many right now because I had 2 and my gf had 3 when we moved intogether so now they rule the roost (minus the game room)

Cookie (black and white)

Maggie (gray n black)

Max (gingey)

Oliver (big black and white)

Cocoa (Tortie, picture coming soon)






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One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn't belong...

Can you tell which thing is not like the other, before I finish this song? 😄



This like has a few more pics for you to try to find Waldo, eh I mean kitty (BTW I doubt pic #4 is real; it doesn't even look possible)



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6 minutes ago, Richardhead said:

Not Gonna lie, I'm super jealous. I've always wanted wood paneling in my place. For some stupid reason the woman in my life is against it. Go figure.

it's actually same for me, but for now we're stuck in my old home so I still get to enjoy the panels for the time being xD

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Editorials Team · Posted
On 11/24/2019 at 7:05 AM, OptOut said:

I think there's something wrong with my cat, Tiddles. He's always biting and scratching my kids, is there perhaps some dietary reason for this? I mainly feed him shredded newspapers and tears. Please advise.


Shock therapy.  Throw it at your wife and scare some sense into it.  And your wife.

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